This tree month programme will take you from confusion and unknown to a joyful ride of transforming your business and life.

This journey of building successful business doesn't have to be complicated and overwhelming. I truly believe in simplicity, making this process full of fun and exciting. There is still work that needs to be done but with ease and flow:)


If you are ready to position yourself as the go to expert, start making  the sales you always wanted and rapidly grow your business this programme is for YOU!

Remove complicated and implement easy strategies and structure that will help you know exactly what to do each day.

Easy marketing formula that will attract high end clients and build visible brand

Learn new strategies to generate 3-5 leads per day and turning it into paying customers that are excited to work with YOU!

Bring balance and focus into your routine and business, discover how the world of new possibilities is opening up and your vision is clearer each day.

Build long lasting relationships and content that will attract raving fans and clients so you can feel in control, empowered and ready for the success that is awaiting YOU!

Who is it for?

- Real action taker ready to scale up, ready to make things happen

-If YOU are in it to win it right now!

- Decided that you need professional help and ready to invest

-You are committed to show up and learn 

What to expect

I want to show you how to stand out online as the go to expert so you can start attracting the right clients into your business and enjoy building the life on your own terms

I know it is not easy when you don’t know how to launch your one 2 one coaching programme or previous launches were a flop and in fact when you are confused about your message and expertise to create that competitive edge you need to market yourself.

The online space is very noisy and it is easy to get stuck on watching everyone around hitting 10k months but not moving forward with your business.

If you are still looking for a magic trick to start getting leads into your business and people being interested in working with you?

There isn’t one but instead simple step by step marketing strategies and sales process with mastering your content that attracts and converts.

Owning your power as a coach and understanding your expertise and message is crucial to speak to your ideal clients.

After launching my business from scratch with no experience in the online world I started booking high end clients after just 5 weeks and selling my private coaching, which is why I want to show you how I did it, so you can take control over your business and know exactly what to do each day to bring leads and grow your online presence as the expert that you are.

As a global intuitive business coach I have met so many female coaches who are wasting their talent and passion purely through the lack of right steps, marketing, clarity and strategies.

This is not another programme where you go through it alone, but a partnership where we will work closely together and I will guide you step by step through my proven strategies so you can gain your confidence to show more powerfully, remove the confusion and bring your expertise to the light attracting high end clients every day.

If you are ready to position yourself as an expert and start attracting high end clients, this program is for you.  With all the new tools and systems available, starting your own business can make you feel lost and overwhelmed.  This program is designed for you to cut through the confusion and get to the essence of what you need to stand out online and marketing yourself as the go to expert.


The 90 day coaching accelerator will cover:


Establish your expert message and niche, research into your audience and their language in order to build strong marketing and copy that speaks and converts.


Build and launch your high end core offering

Learn and implement strategies that generate 3-5 leads per day into your business.

Implement marketing strategies that grow your audience and position you as the go to expert online so you stand out having the competitive edge.



Module 3 UNLEASH

Learn how to create powerful content that builds your authority and trust. Deploy marketing strategies with the copy that will attract and convert high end clients.

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