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Michael mahy - Performance coach

Erin Gaulding, Transformation coach

kalpana patel, Transformation coach

Mirela Borsan, Leadership Coach

I was lost and didn’t have enough confidence and clear vision how to achieve what I wanted to achieve. After starting the 90 day scale up programme I felt more confident with myself, and knowing where I am heading. The programme helped with social strategy, driving more traffic to my website and social media that resulted with sales.

                                                             Candice O’Shannessy Herbal Hiraeth

''Malina is my business rock! My name is Lynda and I own a luxury vegan scented candle business called Dusty Daisy.

Dusty Daisy was invisible, stuck, going nowhere, I felt as if I was trying to juggle so many things at once, I was so busy but at the same time I was getting nothing done...until fate introduced me to Malina. Malina helped to make Dusty Daisy visible she helped me make it happen. She has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share Dusty Daisy's story.


Dusty Daisy is engaging new customers and seeing fantastic business results every day. Her strategies, guidance, organisation, advice and her knowledge base within her coaching is second to none.

Being guided by Malina and putting into practice everything she advises achieves mind blowing results. I honestly cannot believe how much she has turned my business around. She is patient, firm, confident and kind hearted. This strong independent business woman knows what she is talking about and she has your best interests at heart. Thank you Malina for helping me to grow and nurture my business, I certainly couldn't have done it without you. An eternally grateful friend for life,,

                                                                                                                    Lynda Scrimger, Dusty Daisy

,,I am loving the coaching I have learnt so much especially the avatar side of things it makes me think when I advertise or when I do a shop window, you are making me come out of my comfort zone especially with the live videos. I think the content of the coaching is teaching me so much,,

                                                                                                                        Casey Whitters, Bliss Bridal & After 5

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